Our Services

Not every organization is at the same point along their development or fundraising path. We’ll work with you to focus on strategy and operations to understand the big picture from a variety of stakeholder perspectives, spot emerging trends, think creatively about the intersectionality of issues and impact, and articulate a compelling organizational case for support to a variety of funders.


Full-Service Grant Writing & Management

A to Be Partners builds grant development capacity at every step. We become a partner in researching, preparing, and fine-tuning strategies and proposals for securing grant funding, and optimizing internal processes for managing grants at every stage of the funding lifecycle—from prospecting to writing, budgeting to reporting. 


Strategic Planning, Advising & Facilitation

Whether you are a new organization with undiscovered potential, enduring an organizational transition, or an established group seeking fresh perspective, we strive to increase your effectiveness at every level by reinforcing a connection to the mission, vision, and values of your organization. Our style is practical and actionable designed to effect immediate change. 


Grants-Readiness Preparation Track

Just getting started with grants or need a fresh perspective on exploring the fundraising landscape? We’ll work with you over the course of a few months to define your fundraising goals, develop a prospect and tracking list, craft compelling cases for your cause, and advise on systems that will prepare you to approach funders and create competitive proposals with confidence.