Nonprofit strategic planning, grant prospecting, grant writing, and workplace facilitation.


A to Be Partners builds long-term, ongoing partnerships that extend well beyond the planning retreat or grant cycle.


No two organizations need identical support. Our work is driven by your needs, not our agenda. We get the lay of the land by interviewing staff, volunteers, leadership, and those you serve to really get to know your organization and values. 


Our plans aren’t meant to sit on a shelf or stay in the boardroom. We develop real steps your organization can take right now to improve buy-in, drive engagement, and facilitate growth.


Often, the key to success isn’t more grant proposals or a longer strategic plan. It’s selecting the right grants and foundation partners, and telling your story in a way that captures what makes your organization unique.


There are so many audiences eager to hear your story: foundations, sponsors, donors, partners, staff, and stakeholders. We develop and distill narratives that resonate deeply with your core values and can be shared in compelling ways to engage everybody with a stake in your success.


Even when you’re focused on your future, organizational history underpins everything you do. Resolving frustrating legacy challenges boosts morale and injects new energy into planning for tomorrow. 


While we’re committed to building long-term partnerships, your staff is ultimately the lifeblood of your organization. Our goal is to empower every member of your group to tell your organization’s story in a way that inspires others to love it as much as they do.


Your strategic plans and development plans should work together. We design mutually reinforcing processes to create better cultural and financial outcomes for your organization, and the people you serve.

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"Tobey has a straightforward approach that is accessible for organizations of all sizes, and she takes the time to understand the different perspectives people bring to a project. Her ability to see the whole picture is an important element when working with development professionals and their organizations."

- Agnes Zach, WVDO, Executive Director