“Creative problem solvers”

Storytellers, diplomats, creative problem solvers—Tobey and the A to Be Partners team know how to analyze the mission and work of an organization and turn it into a message you want to listen to and learn more about.

— Sally Dadmun Bixby, Philanthropy Studio, Owner and Fundraising Teacher

“Helps us better serve our clients”

We are a more fluid management team as a result of our work with A to Be Partners. We learned to communicate together and prioritize our goals as an agency instead of individually, which helps us better serve our clients.

— Danielle Deer, Director of Addiction Services, Quest Center for Integrative Health


"A to Be Partners has supported us 100% and has kept us funded through hard work and dedication. We have grown our organization three times larger since we first hired them."

— Brian Maher, Clackamas Service Center, Board of Directors (past President)


“Ability to see the whole picture”

Tobey has a straightforward approach that is accessible for organizations of all sizes, and she takes the time to understand the different perspectives people bring to a project. Her ability to see the whole picture is an important element when working with development professionals and their organizations. 

— Agnes Zach, WVDO, Executive Director

“The writing – it’s the best.”

A to Be Partners has helped raise a significant amount of funding and also challenged us to define our model in a clear and intentional way to funders.

— Lisa Steenson, Bridge Meadows, Director of Resource Development