Leading a nonprofit isn’t easy – but you don’t have to do it alone. Big dreams grow faster when they’re tended by a team. 



A to Be Partners is a full-service consultancy dedicated to helping your nonprofit thrive.

We combine hands-on grant management, from initial prospecting all the way through to final reporting, with collaborative strategic planning and facilitation that positions your organization for continued, intentional growth.

We're in this together. A to Be Partners offers a unique combination of big-picture thinking and practical capacity-building.

When you hire us, you don’t just get suggestions – you get a real partner, able to uncover new opportunities and then help with the heavy lifting to achieve ambitious goals. 

Pursuing grant funding can spur a lot of organizational soul-searching.

Questions like “How does this project fit with your larger goals?” can open doors to big issues that impact every level of your organization. And some grants and programs can inspire exciting new ideas about projects to implement, initiatives to explore, or opportunities to develop further. 



No matter where you are today, A to Be Partners can help get you where you want to be.



"The writing - it's the best. A to Be Partners has helped raise a significant amount of funding and also challenged us to define our model in a clear and intentional way to funders."

- Lisa Steenson, Director of Resource Development, Bridge Meadows