Planting the Seeds and Growing Together. We are committed to building long-term, ongoing partnerships that extend well beyond the planning retreat or grant cycle. We also understand that sometimes you just need a bit of guidance. Wherever you’re at, we can help you water the plan.



Grants Readiness Tune-up


If you don’t need an updated strategic plan, or even if you do, this is where many of our clients get started. We work together for a short period to create actionable steps to prepare your organization for understanding your capacity, opportunities, and the grant-making landscape. Whether or not you work with us for long-term grants management, this track will prepare a team to manage the details of proposal development and funding cycles. We will craft tailored case statement language, a detailed prospect list, and a clear picture of how to go about getting funded.




Full Service Grants Management

Our signature service is like hiring a grants and fund development team without the training or overhead. Full-service grants clients get a true partner in managing the grant proposal and budget development process— from prospect research to reporting, writing to award. We utilize professional-level research tools and databases to inform our strategies, and our professional networks to make new connections, access emerging opportunities, all designed to meet your short- and long-term fundraising goals.

We were unsure about working remotely with a grants consultant, but Tobey and her team have put our small rural organization on the fundraising map, and improved our operating capacity and organizational sustainability

strategic planning

Small Group or Individual Leadership Advising


Just want to chat about your goals or anything fundraising-related? Have a pretty good strategic plan but still seeking some guidance to align your organizational or fund development strategies, programs and culture? Sometimes you just need a partner to bring perspective and guidance as you fine-tune and implement strategies. We’ll work with you on an hourly, monthly, or project basis until your needs are met.


strategic planning

Strategic Planning, Facilitation and Group Advising


Is your strategic plan hanging out on a to-do list, or hiding in a library of archived files? Every good fundraising strategy grows from a solid organizational plan and we’ll work with you and stakeholders to develop and implement a planning framework that connects your organizational purpose to your operational capacity. A strategic plan crafted in partnership with A to Be Partners grows organically from what we learn from assessments, interviews, and key constituents.

Our writing, advising and plan development is practical and actionable, meant to be used right away to effect immediate change.



Case Statement and Program Development Language

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Organizational Culture and Development

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