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Sometimes it’s easier to dig into the details before considering a partnership. We hope this unveils a little more about our approach, values, and areas of focus.


We are just getting started, where do we begin?

It takes commitment and legwork to prepare for your first grant request. We support new profits and new-to-grants nonprofits with our grants-readiness services. Grants readiness averages about a 3-6 month relationship depending on your situation. You can read more about it (services) or contact us to get started

What is grants-readiness? 

Grants readiness manifests differently for organizations depending on goals, location,  experience, and other internal/external factors. At a baseline, it means that you are a designated or fiscally sponsored 501(c)(3) organization with a reasonable operating infrastructure, a strong mission, a plan to achieve your goals, and organizational capacity to be successful in the competitive grant-seeking industry.  Even if your organization is under-resourced in some areas of “grants-readiness,” it does not mean that we cannot begin to plant your seeds for an upcoming sequence of proposals. 

What is your grant success rate? 

Grant success depends on many aspects and transpires in different ways for every organization. Our approach analyzes aspects of your “grants readiness” and fundability based on financials, programs, community needs, organizational strategies, workplace operations, organizational culture, and capacity.  When you’re ready to start pursuing grants, our formula combines quality of content with increasing the rate of grant submissions and the average request over time to achieve your target fundraising goals.  

We need to raise money fast, can you help?

 Any successful grants strategy takes time and intention to cultivate, so it really depends on where you are at strategically with your organizational trajectory, goals, and financial prospects. While it’s unlikely we could make an impact on a rushed timeline, we welcome a conversation to see if and how we could support you.  

We are small and have no money now, can we pay you a % of what you raise? 

The short answer is we prefer and require to get paid fairly for the work that we do. 

How much do you charge?

We understand that each organization has its own unique circumstances and needs. That's why we are committed to providing customized services that align with your timeline, budget and objectives. Fees may be structured on a per project basis, an hourly rate, or a monthly retainer.

We provide ongoing implementation support, consultation & coaching as you achieve your goals or conditions change.

We've never worked with a consultant before, what should we know?

(I can work on this one...) 






What are the benefits of working with A to Be Partners?  

We develop and distill narratives that resonate deeply with your core values and can be shared in compelling ways to engage everybody with a stake in your success. Our goal is to empower every member of your group to tell your organization’s story in a way that inspires others (ahem, funders) to love it as much as you do. Hiring A to Be Partners is like hiring a great fund development team without the hiring process or the overhead. ABP brings the whole package– backed by an experienced and knowledgeable team that can navigate and empower organizations at every step along the fund development journey. 

Do you support individual donorship or event fundraising?

We specialize in comprehensive foundational and corporate grant fundraising and management and the preparatory steps it takes to get there. While individual donorship and events fundraising are often important components to a healthy funding ecosystem, we would likely refer you to our trusted network for these services.

Do you work with public funding sources?

Working with public grants can be an important source of revenue for experienced organizations. Generally speaking, publicly funded grants require more time to prepare, be decided on,  implemented, and tracked for reporting purposes. If this type of funding fits within your organizational funding formula and outlook, we would be happy to explore the details with you. 

What causes do you specialize in? Our focus on strategy and process, rather than specializing in specific issue areas, has leveraged our ability to raise millions of dollars for a range of clients and causes –– affordable housing, arts and culture, environmental justice, social enterprise, creative placemaking, racial justice, health and human services, women's empowerment, animal rights, and many others. 

How does A to Be Partners prioritize equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI/DEI) in your  work style?

It’s likely that you are reading this because you are working to solve a cause created by inequity and injustice.  A to Be Partners recognizes that systems of power and privilege have constructed a reality that is inequitable and unjust for underrepresented individuals, communities, non-human species, and our planet.  In order to break down systemic oppression manifested by racism, classism, nativism, ableism, sexism, heterosexism, cisgenderism, ageism, and many other ISMS, we believe that understanding direct, implicit, and unconscious biases is one key to opening doors to this conversation with each client we work with.  We will strive to be your partner in analyzing, discussing, and defining what EDI means in the context of your communities and mission to develop strong case statements and shared language to empower every member of your group to tell your organization’s story in a way that inspires others to love it as much as they do...  It’s likely your funders will want to know where you stand on EDI as well. 

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